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  • Why seek relationship counseling?

    As humans, we are impacted by the actions, reactions, and behavior of other humans in every moment. Think about how often you affected by words, actions, or moods those around you. Finding balance in our personal interactions can sometimes seem so elusive, and our relationships are SO important. Studies show that healthy relationships are absolutely vital to our individual physical, emotional and mental health. We live longer, deal with stress better, and our immune systems respond more effectively when we have strong social relationships.  So how exactly can couples/relationship counseling help you and your partnership find better health and balance?


    Counseling can help you to gain insight into yourself, your partner, and your relationship. We come into our relationships with family, societal, and cultural influences that create the lens through which we see life. Our partner comes into the relationship with a uniquely different lens. In counseling, together we can explore these lenses and influences, and the impacts they have had on your own thoughts and behaviors. By seeking to understand the influences in both our own life and that of our partner, we can expand our own perspective and grow our compassion for our partner as well as ourselves.


    We often respond to our partners in the same manner every time there is conflict, and yet we still expect a different result. By shifting our responses, we can change the result and improve our understanding and connection with each other.  Learning or practicing skills with a counselor such as active listening, effective communication, and conflict resolution can shift the patterns where we get “stuck”.

    Your life

    Once you gain understanding and shift how you show up in your partnership, and choose new ways of relating, these skills can help you understand and shift other relationships in your life. Applying better communication skills with coworkers, kids, family members can improve all relationships.

    Conflict is inevitable in our relationships. While conflict can be stressful, learning ways to repair conflict effectively makes our relationships stronger. Your relationship therapist is there to help your partnership “team” realize and achieve their goals and explore ways to help you improve your relationships.


    Written by Michele Bailey, Connect Counseling, Denver, CO